La Rocchetta Restaurant is located in the beautiful region of Tremosine

An enchanted place where the Alps plunge into the blue waters of Lake Garda and the alpine atmosphere embraces the Mediterranean. A countryside where the charm of unspoiled nature gratifies the spirit, and life flows simply and quietly, following the rhythm of the seasons.

Eighteen districts: one on the Riviera, the others scattered on bustling highlands, set on hillocks of incomparable panoramic beauty that dominate the whole of Garda. Tremosine is located in the heart of the national park, Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, and embodies its truest essence (over 70 km), benefitting from all the natural and environmental qualities of this protected nature reserve. And most especially the landscape. Here, the highest mountains of the park blend with the blue waters of Lake Garda, offering scenery that is unparalleled.